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 Transformer Manufacturers

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A transformer is a device that changes AC electrical power from one voltage level to a different one, either higher, lower, or in a rare case the same level (decoupling transformer). It consists of two or more coils of wire wrapped around a common ferromagnetic core. These coils are usually not electrically connected together. The primary coil is connected to an AC power source, while the secondary is connected to a load.

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The purpose of transformers is to change the voltage level of AC power in order to decrease transmission losses. The higher the voltage level, the lower the transmission losses. This is why electrical power is “stepped up” to a very high level when transmitting it over thousands of kilometers, but then “stepped down” for consumers to a safer level of 110/240V which is the level of mains power available in most homes throughout the world. Finally, smaller step-down transformers are used in electrical/electronic appliances to create a 24 V or 5 V supply, which can then be rectified into DC and used to power fragile electronics.

The basic theory of operation is as follows. The primary coil creates a magnetic force which is proportional to the number of windings and the current flowing though the coil. This force then in turn creates what’s called “magnetic flux” – lines of magnetism. As seen on the figure below. These lines of magnetism go through the ferromagnetic material as is easy for flux lines to go through it (much easier than through air). This magnetic flux then creates the reverse effect in the secondary winding, which is also wound over the core of the transformer, thus inducing an AC voltage in the secondary.

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Transformer Manufacturers
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