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 The Major Differences Between Corporate Boot Camps & Regular Boot Camps

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: The Major Differences Between Corporate Boot Camps & Regular Boot Camps   Št. 07 09, 2011 6:15 pm

During the past 25 years, I’ve made a lot of mistake with my corporate wellness business. It’s important to know that you shouldn’t take your existing personal training or boot camp business model into a corporate setting. Below are some major differences that you should consider as you enter the ever growing world of corporate wellness.

- Regular boot camp clients pay from their own pockets. They have to budget and assess the value of what they are getting and what else they want. Sometimes your boot camp is competing with mortgage payments and utility bills, sometimes with vacations and family member needs. The personal budget is usually a lot tighter than a corporate budget.
- The corporate client who values wellness will pay part or all of the boot camp fees. They have a budget for employee programs and benefits. The corporate client has some government and insurance perks that they can realize if they establish a program. A tipping point for the corporate client is how well you show the value, in bottom line dollars that corporations reap from their boot camps.
- Most of our corporate accounts have an agreement where the company will pay for the program when the employee achieves measurable results – if the employee doesn’t achieve measurable results, or doesn’t show up, the employee must pay for it.

- Regular boot camp clients are just exercising for themselves, usually. They know what they want to achieve and they are working toward a fitness goal. They made the decision to join your boot camp based on their individual needs and their knowledge of those needs, as well as their desire to meet those needs.
- The corporate exercising client on the other hand, has usually been given a choice. If they join the boot camp, there is usually a reduction in their insurance premiums or co-pay. They realize that their company values a healthy workforce, and they may feel that they have in a sense, been given an implied ultimatum. The company they work for is aware of poor lifestyle choices and poor health, and this company wants change.
- The company has taken a stand in favor of a healthier workplace and healthier employees. The employee has the choice to participate. If they see everyone else around them getting in better shape, having better health, better attendance, less tardiness, and more productivity… they may feel that they won’t “fit in” anymore, and they may even perceive their chance of promotion fading if they don’t get with the program.
- There is definitely more pressure for the corporate exerciser to participate than a regular boot camper. Their reasons for participating are different than regular boot campers. There are front line workers, management personnel, telemarketers, sales people, and janitors…all working together. It’s more personal than a regular boot camp because they see each other more frequently outside the boot camp setting. They develop deeper relationships of camaraderie, friendly competition, enthusiasm and support for their fellow boot campers.
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The Major Differences Between Corporate Boot Camps & Regular Boot Camps
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