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 Calling Cards | Phone Cards

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Start your own branded VoIP | Calling Cards business. Sell your services online or via your channel. Your customers can call anywhere in the world from their PC or Laptop, Mobile or Landline with low VoIP rates.

Business models you can offer:

You can decide whether to offer these services as Pre-Paid or Post-Paid.

Design your own branded prepaid calling cards and start selling online or via your channel. Your customers would dial a local access number, then enter a PIN and dial the destination of their choice.

PINLess Calling Service
You can have your own brand of PINLess calling service that allows your customers to simply dial a local number and then enter the destination they would like to call. There is no need for your customers to enter any PIN.

DID Forwarding Service
Your own branded calling service where customers dial local numbers and the call is routed automatically to specific international destinations. Your customers can manage this via their control panel.

Residential VoIP Service
Your own branded VoIP service, where you can supply your customers with an IP phone or an ATA to facilitate calls over their existing broadband internet. You can also assign local DID numbers to each account, so that your customers can receive incoming calls.

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Calling Cards | Phone Cards
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