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 As Ottawa goes right-wing, Toronto theatre funding gets cut

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: As Ottawa goes right-wing, Toronto theatre funding gets cut   Tr. 07 06, 2011 4:32 am

The arts are amongst the first government sponsored programs on the chopping block when you elect a right wing government. Now that the Conservatives have a majority, the outlook for local arts organizations is bleaker than it has been in the past.

Since 2005, Canadian Heritage funded the well-liked SummerWorks theatre festival through the Canada Arts Presentation Fund. This year they have pulled their funding which represented 20% of the Festivals budget with only a few weeks notice before the Festival start date. As a result artistic producer Michael Rubenfeld recently started an email campaign reaching out to past supporters to make up the $45,000 shortfall that the funding cut represents.

To make ends meet, ticket prices will go up 50 cents and some plays will be cancelled. Show your support for Canadian Theatre by attending SummerWorks from August 4-14. Show information and Tickets can be found at:
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Ammar Khan
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As Ottawa goes right-wing, Toronto theatre funding gets cut
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