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 Attached pergolas

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Attached pergolas are connected to a house via the fascia board, wall, or roof brackets.
Pergola attached to the fascia board: This is by far the most common type of attached pergola with a whaler beam bolted to the fascia board and then bolted to the house roof rafters. Care must be taken to make a solid connection to the house. If you are attaching through a metal fascia you must use galvanised brackets or added timber at the back of the metal fascia to connect your pergola beam to the house. This is because a metal fascia cannot support any extra weight.
Pergola attached to a wall: This type fairly easy because you simple bolt your pergola beam (whaler beam) directly to the house wall. If you have a brick wall simply bolt into the brick (not mortar) using expanding masonry anchors. If you have a weather board or clad home you must bolt into the timber wall studs and not the cladding.
Pergola attached via roof stirrups: Roofing stirrups are not as common as the two types above however they are a great option. Some houses do not have a fascia and pergola roof stirrups allow the pergola to be build on top of the roofing material. The stirrups are attached directly to the house roof rafters and protrude through the roofing material with a waterproof boot or flashing and the pergola bearers can be attached to the stirrups.
Pergola building
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Attached pergolas
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