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 Bathroom Tips – 5 Of The Best

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Bathrooms can be very beautiful and a pleasure to use if constructed in the right way. Over the years I have renovated many bathrooms from the low budget to the high end with all the bells and whistles. However there are five tips that work in any bathroom large or small, budget or very expensive.

Tip 1 – If Bathroom walls could talk

The best way to get a great bathroom is to start with a technically correct room. So what does this mean? I hear you ask! Well most house have bathroom walls that are out of plumb or bowed. Then a person wants to renovate their bathroom with large format tiles. The problem is the more the walls are out the harder it is to get a good result. The larger the tile the harder it is to get right if the wall is bowed. So what do you do? When you are renovating your bathroom and you have removed all the old wall linings. Check the wall for plumb or square with a spirit level and straight edge. Correct any walls that are more than 5mm out from top to bottom or are bowed. You may need to install new wall studs next to the old one if they are really bad. The better you get it the easier the rest of the job will be so spend the time because it will be time well spend.

Tip 2 – Waterproofing – Get Tanked

Old bathrooms have none or very little waterproofing as old bathrooms just relied on the tiles and grout to stop the water going into the walls. However today waterproofing is very important and is one the core components in a bathroom renovation. The standard in most building codes does cover waterproofing the room well however best practise is called ‘tanking’. This means you waterproof up the walls 100mm or 4 inches right around the room except the shower which is waterproofed 2 metres high or above the shower rose. The bath also is waterproofed 100mm or 4 inches above the lip of the bath if the bath is install against a wall. The door will also have a aluminum strip siliconed to the floor which is then waterproofed over so no water can creep past the strip. The floor is completely waterproofed into the top drain waste pipes which effectively makes a tank of the room so any water in the room must end up down one of the drains.

Tip 3 – Tile with Style

Moaic Tiles used as a feature

There are many beautiful tiles available today to match the style you like, modern, classic stone, bright colours – retro, art deco, etc. The best looking bathrooms are those that create a bit of interest and take your eye. Many people just put in the plain old tile on the floor and then tiles on the wall and its looks nice. However if you spend just a little more of this stage the results will create the wow factor in your bathroom. I tell people when renovating their bathroom to make sure they create a wow factor. This does not means thousands of dollars it means design in something that will take your eye when you open the door.

Wow factors examples:

large format tiles with a mosaic inlay feature – up the wall or behind the vanity from floor to ceiling.
Feature vanity with a large mirror behind it
A water spinner to fill the bath from the ceiling with a led light so it looks like a ribbon of light coming down.
Stone pebble or cut stone mosaic tiles in a curved patten from the door way to the vanity or in the shower.
Use of led colored lighting on a white tiles or on glass coloured tiles.
These a just some of the things I use to create a wow factor and yes it does depend on the budget however you can still get a great result on a tight budget even with the types of tile used and by adding mosaic glass and stone tiles as a feature. Think outside the box and let your mind go wild and then balance it with your budget.

Tip 4 – Tap in grate plumbing

There are an excellent range of floor grates today instead of the plain chrome grate or floor waste. I use tile in floor waste mostly, which is a square chrome waste that you cut to size and glue a tile that matches your floor tiles into the top cover of the waste and it effectively make the floor waste disappear. The water still flows into the drain but the drain in not seen.

Modern takes on bathroom plumbing

Flick mixer tap in the walls for the shower and the bath.
A large shower rose that comes through the ceiling .
A water spinner out of the ceiling to fill the bath or out of the wall for the vanity. These make the water stay together like a ribbon of water.
Flick mixer taps come up out of the floor on a long chrome pipe to fill the bath.
Tip 5 – Know what you want before you start

Knowing what you want before you start gos without saying however time and again people are not sure of what they really want. The best way is to look at some bathroom magazines and mark what you like and and try to bring it together to suit your bathroom. To make it easier break it down into the following areas.

Approximate tile size i.e 300mm x 300mm for the floor and 300mm x 600mm for the walls
Mosaic tiles (if you want to use them) colour – it is best they look good with the main tiles.
Design – are you moving you bathroom around – vanity position, shower size etc.
Tile design – are there any feature tiles used – if you and using a tiler make sure you communicate well on what you want or even draw on the old bathroom or new empty room to show the tiler your design.
Buy all your taps and vanity, bath etc. (checking they will fit) before you start.
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Bathroom Tips – 5 Of The Best
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